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A licensed aesthetician with over 25 years’ experience, Rhonda Tomlinson has become a recognized name in medical aesthetics all over the U.S.

I thought after working since I was 14 years old and all 3 children now lived in 3 different states that it was time to try to relax and take it easy so, I sold Ageless and rented a cabin in the mountains for 2 years… the last year both my parents got very ill so I spent most of that last year taking care of my parents, I then moved Permanently back to Valdosta to take care of both my parents (with no regrets at all).

In my free time and my hobbies, I then realized was learning. Learning about skin of course and how the aging process worked, all about skin rejuvenation and the newest technologies available.

My mom passed away in 2017 and I’m so blessed to have had that time with her. My father on the other hand was becoming much better in his health so I had a lot of extra time on my hands. I then decided I was ready to go back and do what I loved and realized that I was so passionate about, but I wanted it to be different than before. It was no longer about money or competition (even though I always had your best interest in mind but wasn’t able to do what I’m fortunate enough to do now).

I do not want to do a treatment that you can only afford, I want to be able to customize your treatments and be able to do what you truly need regardless of price.

I then created a plan and went through laser companies that I had worked with for 28 years that worked with me on getting the latest greatest technology at a price I could pass down to you! I want you to be able to get what you need and not just what you can afford. After all, the skin is different in all areas—under eyes needs a different treatment than the nose does, the forehead needs differently than around the mouth does, etc…

You can get a $99 – $149 monthly or bi-monthly treatment
YES .. even a $500 treatment will only be $99-$149 each month
You don’t have to guess your treatments price and I will do what your skin really needs regardless if I use 5 different lasers on you or just 2

I’m in my mid 50’s now and I have over 60 certifications, including National Medical Aesthetics, and I’m now Licensed by the Georgia State Medical Board
I understands what it takes to make your skin look the best it can and I want to share with you how and what treatment or treatments you will need to take off years of aging and keep you there another 20 years, YES 20 years! The new 70’s will definitely be the new 40-50’s era now! I definitely want it for myself and I want to share all information and all of the new technologies with you.

I hope you enjoy your experience with Rhonda Tomlinson Medical Aesthetics and thank you for reading!


– Rhonda Tomlinson

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