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Angiomas are benign growths that consist of small blood vessels. Angiomas can be located anywhere on the body, but the most common area is the face and torso. There are several different treatments that we will discuss along with the most…

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Age Spots

If you are close to 40, you are probably starting to see a few dark spots appearing that don’t quite fade away like they use to! Age spots (also called liver spots, sun spots, or solar lentigo) most commonly appear on the back of…

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What causes Rosacea?

Does your skin always look Red, Flushed, or Blistered? You May Have Rosacea a chronic skin disorder that affects over 14 million Americans Rosacea( pronounced ro-ZA-sha) is a common facial skin disorder that most people donÕt even realize they have. You may notice it…

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Do you have Melasma?

What is Melasma? After or by the end of summer it is very common for melasma to be more prominent and it takes a long time to start fading (if it ever fades at all). Melasma is a very common patchy…

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