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It is a singularly wondrous accomplishment to hide your age. You may reach for creams, potions, and sometimes even surgery to accomplish this task.Before you reach for these things, you need to make sure that they are going to work, and that you are going to get your money’s worth. No matter which course you choose here are some tips which are affordable, and truly make a difference in the way you look and feel.

1- Water and goat’s milk: Hydrate your skin by drinking water. Your body is comprised of 55-60% water and needs plenty of it to function properly. Drinking adequate amounts of water will flush impurities and toxins out of your body. A good habit is to drink water early in the morning and before every meal. It hydrates and plumps the skin. Goat’s milk is also full of antioxidants and helps give that “natural glow” to your ski. You can also use goat’s milk topically.

2- Eat your fruits, vegetables, and Brazil nuts: they are very important. Your body ages as a result of exposure to free radicals. Antioxidants are the only thing that can neutralize these free radicals and stop the damage. Antioxidants are not found in the body naturally so we have to eat allot of green-leafy, and bright colored veggies, and Brazil nuts.

3- Exercise: Get up and get moving. A balanced exercise plan will work every muscle including the most important one, your heart. Exercise also releases endorphins, which makes you feel better and have more energy while toning… and helps keep your bones strong

4- Sleep: As we age, we do not sleep as well. But sleep is very important to the mind and body. Sleep like a baby 7-8 hours and you will see you have more focus, energy, and less dehydration. The body repairs itself while sleeping, yielding more energy and boosting your immune system as well.
5- Sun block: If you like having fun in the sun, do so but with the protection of an SPF that has titanium dioxide and zinc instead of a chemical sun block. Equally important, wear a hat with a 5” brim so it protects your face, neck and chest.

6- Exfoliate your face and body: Shed those nasty old dead cells, and smooth and polish the skin. Exfoliation on a daily basis is one of the most important skincare tips

7-Be diligent with daily, topical skincare: We age everyday! Daily skincare will help with daily aging. For the best results you need the correct compounds for your age, skin type, and genetics. If you are over 30, then you need medical or prescription skincare that can be purchased from your local medical aesthetician or plastic surgeon.

8-Monthly or bi-monthly treatments: Skin care treatments provided by professionals will greatly enhance the daily skin-care you use. Variables such as age, acne, scaring, and genetics determine if you will need anywhere from 4-24 treatments a year. Also dependant on age and genetics, you may need more than a facial; such services as lasers, chemical peeling, and skin rejuvenation have proven beneficial.

9- Hair: White or silver hair color is pretty. But the wiriness that often accompanies grey hair is not so attractive. Use good shampoos and styling products and select a style that is appropriate to your age and facial features. Playing with color is another way to soften the effects of aging hair. Touch the color up with your natural color or a shade or 2 lighter, still selecting an up-to-date and age appropriate style.

10- Respect your body: Think smart when it comes to sunbathing, smoking and alcohol. Achieve a lovely bronzed summer look with the assistance of a quality self tanner or bronzer. In addition to the commonly known health risks associated with smoking, the introduction of carbon monoxide from cigarette smoke reduces the skin’s supply of oxygen rich blood cells resulting in paler skin with less of the natural glow of healthy skin. Anything more than light consumption of alcoholic beverages dehydrates your skin and has been attributed to causing increased acne, starving the body of vitamin A, and aggravating rosacea.

11- Vitamins and Probiotics: All vitamins are important but the skin requires a good supply of vitamin D. A deficiency in vitamin D results in other vitamins not absorbing properly. If you do not spend sufficient time outdoors it is very important that you find a reliable D supplement. Probiotics are good at reducing swelling in the stomach. They protect good bacteria, helps rid bad bacteria, and are great for the skin.

12- Eyelashes: Yes, it’s not just your imagination; we do lose our long dark eyelashes, as we get older. Latisse or other lash enhancing conditioners work well retarding lash loss and often assist the re-growth of lashes. Long lashes make the eyes appear “open” and make them stand out giving a more youthful appearance.

13-Eyes: Use eye creams twice a day. The eye area has thinner skin tissue so the area needs different lotions than those which we use for the rest of the face. If you are over 30, then make sure the eye cream is a medical or prescription eye cream. As we age, the skin gets more thin around the eyes and blood vessels are more visible resulting in that hollow, sunken look. Using the correct color and consistency cosmetic concealer will soften this effect. Select a concealer one shade lighter than your natural skin tone. If you have loose skin tissue around the eyelids do not use a shimmer eye shadow. Shimmer shadows will clump in loose eye skin and show lines more than a semi-flat color will.

14- Eyebrows: shaping and contouring makes a huge difference in one’s appearance. Waxing the brows or even removing the un-wanted hair permanently with lasers can lift and open your eyes with simple shaping and contouring.

15- Even up your skin tones: Get rid of the red and the brown spots and discoloration by evening them out with a photo-facial. Even skin tones give you a much youthful appearance.

16- Lips and Mouth: Whiten your teeth. If you are sensitive to medicated whiteners, then there are several topical ones available, such as Go Smile. Simply rub it on your teeth after you eat or drink coffee, tea, etc… The color of lip stick you use does make a difference. Pinks are youthful colors to wear; ranging from soft pinks and corals all the way to bright pinks and fuchsias. If you have lines around the mouth, then CO2 Fractional resurfacing can fix that. It will build volume and plump the lines right out. If the lines are very deep, then a laser peel may be needed for smoothing a little more.

17- Moisturize even if you have acne: There is a common myth that oily or acne ridden skin doesn’t require moisturizers. Our skin naturally becomes dehydrated, no matter our skin type. If your skin is oily or you have acne, then you need to use a moisturizer that hydrates from the inside and will not clog your pores or leave you greasy or oily looking. Older women especially need a moisturizer as hormone levels decrease.

18- Chest, neck and face: Where the bra ends the face begins, so treat all three areas the same with skincare, sunblocks and makeup. Wear a bra that really lifts and supports your bust. If you are older never put blush anywhere but on the apple of the cheek. While driving, try putting your visor where your face is protected, you still get UVB rays through the windshield. You don’t want a flawless face with wrinkles on your neck and chest.

19- Hands: We give our age away with our hands. Age spots are acquired while driving and having our hands on top of the steering wheel. Get rid of any dark spots with IPL or BBL light therapies. There are also injections that can be performed by licensed professionals which will plump the hands back up to a youthful appearance. Using nail color will enhance the appearance of your hands. Artificial nails are preferred by many women today, but if you can’t wear artificial nails then manicure your own nails weekly or biweekly.

20-Make-up: Age and skin conditions determine which make-up you should be wearing. Most plastic surgeons prefer mineral based make-ups because they are natural and will not clog the pores. There are 5 different types of minerals; liquid, loose, pressed, minerals in saline, and camouflage. If you are not sure which mineral type is right for you, go to a store that carries them all and try on each one. Better yet, let the makeup artist select the perfect one for your skin type. You may need one brand of foundation, and a different brand of eye make-up. If your make-up doesn’t enhance your appearance while covering your flaws, then you have the wrong make-up.

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