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Preventative Ways To Help Your Skin, Regardless Of Age

Preventative Ways to Help Your Skin, Regardless of Age

Here are a few helpful; hints for the Holidays They are easy, not too expensive,And can make great Gifts

Skincare is important for Men, Women, and even teenagers. Especially if they have any skin disorders that are visible, like Acne, age spots, redness of the face, or blotchiness.

Men usually do not think of doing something for themselves that will improve their appearance, but age does bother them. Age spots on the face and hands, lines around the eyes, redness of the face, or broken capillaries.
Permanent hair removal for men is also great. Men have to shave everyday, and allot of times they get ingrown hairs, that could be prevented if they permanently removed the hair follicles. Allot of men like to golf, hunt, or be outside working in the yards etc…. When they get older they have to limit their sun exposure, so hats with SPF and sun blocks are important for them to wear to prevent pre-cancerous cells. There are also lasers that can help shed the damaged cells, and rid redness of the face and any broken blood vessels. It is a competitive world out there now, and taking care of themselves is important and well respected in the business community.

Teenagers, a lot of times, are too ashamed to ask for acne help, even though it does affect the way they feel, and the way they are treated, but most of all preventing scaring that could last them though their whole lives is very important. When it comes to boys they produce allot of testosterone, which produces allot of oil, hair, blackheads etc… it is important to use a razor that will not cut the bumps off and cause scarring and also one that will not spread bacteria. Girls are a little different when it comes to acne. There are allot of make-ups that will help control, treat, and cover allot of there blemishes. Girls also have to deal with puberty, and if she has hair on her lip or in places that are embarrassing, then it should be removed permanently.

When it comes to Women, men never know what to give or purchase for that special occasion. When Women really need something they either buy it themselves or they say they want something for the house or something the whole family can enjoy. Their main concern through the holidays is making sure the right gifts are purchased for their children, husband, parents, etc…
Skin disorders Women usually have to deal with are brown splotches on our face, Age spots, acne, sagging or wrinkles (especially on our face, neck, and chest). Permanent Hair removal is also a great treatment for women because it saves us time in shaving our legs, underarms, etc…

Holidays are a good time to really show you care about them. The one thing every woman (no matter what age) wants is to feel good about her self.

Rhonda Tomlinson

Medical Aesthetician
Georgia Medical Board Laser Practitioner

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